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Save up to 60% on your motor insurance with our no claims bonus.*

The Accident Compensation Act 2017 and how it affects you.

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These are summaries only. You can read the full list of benefits, terms and conditions in our policy wordings.

Legal liability

Covers you for claims made against you for property damage as a result of accidents involving your vehicle or any vehicle you are using with the owner's permission.

Premier Executive
Up to $500,000
Premier Super Thrifti
Up to $100,000
Most popular
Premier Thrifti
Up to $100,000

No blame bonus

We'll won't charge you an excess or lower your no-claims bonus if you have been involved in an accident and you have identified the other party and it is proven that they are at fault.

Completion of journey

We’ll pay to get you home or complete your journey if you have an accident or if your vehicle is stolen and the claim is accepted. We will also pay reasonable costs to return your vehicle home after it has been repaired or recovered.

Hire vehicle

If we accept your claim for a stolen or total-loss vehicle, we will pay for you to hire a similar vehicle while you look to purchase a new one.

Premier Executive
Up to $500 or seven days ^

One event - one excess

If one event causes you to claim under two or more of your Tower policies - such as your house, contents and vehicle, you will only have to pay one excess.

New vehicle

We'll replace your vehicle with a brand new one of the same make and model if yours becomes a total loss within its first year of registration, subject to current local availability.

No-claims bonus protection

You will not lose your no-claims bonus if you make a claim, provided you have held full cover insurance with us for the last two years with a 'full no-claims bonus'.

Replacement vehicle

If you replace your vehicle we will cover the new vehicle for 30 days from the date of replacement.

Road clearing costs

We’ll pay to remove debris from a road or parking area for which you are legally liable after an accident if your claim is accepted.

Salvage costs

If your vehicle is unable to be driven due to an accident that we’ve accepted a claim for, we’ll pay the reasonable costs to take it to the nearest repairer or place of safety.

Stolen keys (no excess)

We won’t charge an excess if your vehicle keys are stolen or illegally duplicated.

Windscreen and window glass (free of excess)

We’ll cover accidental breakage of your vehicles windscreen, window glass or sunroof and you won’t lose your no-claims bonus.

Legal expenses

If your claim is accepted we’ll cover your legal defence costs if you are charged with causing death as a result of an accident with your vehicle.

Automatic uninsured motorist extension

If your vehicle is damaged by a vehicle that isn’t insured and you have the name, address, phone number, make, model and registration number of the other party and it is proven they are more than 50% at fault, we’ll pay for your repairs.

Optional benefits

Rental vehicle

We’ll cover the cost of hiring and insuring a similar vehicle, if yours is unable to be driven, or repairs have commenced following an accident or theft of your vehicle.

Premier Executive
Up to $2,000

Premier Super Thrifti
Most popular

Premier Thrifti

*60% no-claims bonus

A 60% no-claims bonus applies when you have held a comprehensive motor policy for at least three consecutive years, and had no claims during that time. If you have an accident your no-claims bonus will be reduced at your policy renewal. Following this we will reinstate it at the next renewal if no further claims are made.

Discount does not apply to VAT, government levies and some optional special benefits.

Save on your premiums

With Premier Executive motor insurance you can reduce your premiums with these discounts:

Named driver discount – specify the names of the drivers of your vehicle and you will receive a 15% discount

Additional excess – take a higher excess and you could receive a discount of up to 25%**.

** Additional excess available for Premier Executive Motor and Premier Super Thrifti Motor policies only. Discount varies for Premier Executive Motor and Premier Super Thrifti Motor.

^ Hire vehicle cover for up to $500 or seven days, whichever is less.